I’m Going on an Adventure!

Mountains, Gandalf! Mountains!

Welcome to my first ever blog post on neneknitsandgiggles! A little background on who I am first. So as not to be rude. My name is Stephanie and I have been an avid knitter (sometimes crocheter) for the past 8 years. I graduated from pharmacy school in 2015, got married to the love of my life in 2016, and got a stinking cute puppy named Rocket shortly after.

Let’s break down my name.


Pronunciation: nee-nee.

Etiology: my daycare provider called by “Stepha-nene fettucini” because of my love for pasta. Seriously. I would eat pasta every single day after preschool while watching Arthur. The good ol’ days. When my mother called me “Nene” around my high school friends, they thought it was the funniest thing ever and will call me that every now and then.


I first was introduced to the art of yarn when I was just a kid. My grandmother attempted to teach me how to knit. I did not understand gauge at all, so my finished scarf was a monstrosity. That put an end to my knitting as a kid because it seemed like an impossible feat. During my freshmen year of college, my friend tried to teach my friend group how to crochet. I was the only one who took the time to figure it out and that started me going! I eventually got tired of the look of crochet and wanted to move on to the more luxurious knitting. To me, knitting looked more professional and less handmade. However, that could be because I just was not as good as crochet at the beginning, because now I love crochet as well! I taught myself from a lot of www.knittinghelp.com videos and google searches. People who are new to knitting, as long as you practice and pay attention, it really is easy, I promise!

I love creating things. I need to keep my hands and fingers busy to keep my mind focused. But I also like to be productive. So knitting is right up my alley, because I get to creatively fidget around and poof! It ends with a gorgeous hat or scarf! Before starting anything, I will probably research a ton. Look through all the projects, all the tips, all the yarn suggestions. Because I have scrapped too many pieces in the past. I am still coming to terms with needing to figure out gauge before starting. Knitting truly helped keep me sane during my pharmacy grad school experience. With each piece I created during my college/grad school years, I can remember which classes I was studying for (or procrastinating)…and which Netflix show I had on in the background.

And Giggles

I am super geeky and I hope that this will actually be evident in my posts because it makes life more fun. This is where the giggles comes in with my name! I will probably reference shows, movies, books, etc in my posts because it is just fun to me.

So get ready to join me as we create gorgeous projects together, learn tips and tricks to help improve our knitting, and find things that will inspire us!

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