Silken Straw Summer Sweater – Size adjustment for XS/S

This project is a blast from the past from my Ravelry page. It is “Silken Straw Summer Sweater” by Purl Soho. I absolutely love every pattern that Purl Soho comes out with. I wish I could get in the brains of their pattern designers because I love how their brains work. Seriously, such classy and fun stuff from them.

I started this project back in June of 2014, and it took me approximately a month. It was my FIRST ever garment I knit, not including socks. (Are socks considered a garment?)  To this day, it is still the only garment I have knit. But I hope to change that really soon. The thought of making something that needs to fit me exactly is slightly terrifying.

The pattern comes in a small/medium and medium/large size. Back in 2014, I was super skinny. So I adjusted this pattern to create my own XS/S size and hopefully by sharing that here I can help others out!


The Materials:

US 3 (3.25mm) needles

Mirasol Yarn – Nuna Fina (colorway Ruby), 2 skeins

The nuna fina yarn is a lace weight, 40% silk, 40% merino wool, 20% bamboo viscose. It is extremely soft with gorgeous, rich jewel tone colors. I wish I remember where I bought this beauty from. I think it was a yarn shop in Woodbury, MN.



Pattern adjustments:

Hip circumference: 36 inches

Chest circumference: 34.7 inches

Body adjustments: I cast on 216 stitches (12 less stitches than small). Follow pattern as is until piece measures 5.5″ from bottom edge, then k 108, place marker, and knit to the end of round. Decrease as written, with 5 repeats, ending with 196 stitches. Increase as written, ending with 208 stitches.

Underarm adjustments: Knit 84 stitches (instead of 98/110) to first bind off (184 stitches remain)

Cast on for sleeves adjustments: Cable cast on 55 stitches, knit the next 92 stitches, cable cast on 55 stitches, knit to end and m1 (295 stitches)

I did not make any changes with the decreasing for the yoke.

Shaping neckline adjustments: Knit 52 stitches, bind off 18 stitches, knit to marker, remove marker, knit to beginning of neck bind off. (159 stitches)

And that is all she wrote! Everything I didn’t specify, I did as written in the pattern. Here is a breakdown in the difference in stitch count between the three sizes. Gauge (blocked):6 stitches = 1 inch



216 (36”) 228 (38”) 252 (42”)
Decreases WAIST 196 (32.7”) 208 (34.7”) 232 (38.7”)
Increases CHEST 208 (34.7”) 220 (36.7”) 244 (40.7”)
Underarm BO 184 (30.7”) 196 (32.7”) 220 (36.7”)
CO for sleeves 295 (49.2”) 315 (52.5”) 350 (58.3”)
Decrease 236 (39.3”) 252 (42”) 280 (46.7”)
Decrease 177 (29.5”) 189 (31.5”) 210 (35”)
Round1 159 171 (28.5”) 192 (32”)
Neck R1 W 156 168 (28”) 189 (31.5”)
Neck R2 R 153 165 186
Neck R3 W 151 163 184
Neck R4 R 149 161 182
Neck R5 W 147 159 (26.5”) 180 (30”)
Neck R6 R 145 157 178
Neck R7 W 97 105 (17.5”) 119 (19.8”)
Neck R8 R 95 103 117
Neck R9 W 95 103 117
Finished 91 (15.1”) 99 (16.5”) 113 (18.8”)

Thoughts on the pattern:

As far as a pattern for first time sweater, I would say this is a great one to choose. It is knit in the round which makes it very user friendly. It was easy enough to follow, but I would recommend writing it all out and crossing off lines as you go. I’m not sure if people can do it any other way, but I would loose my place so quickly without doing that.

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