Keeping Blocked Knitting Away from a Dog

This weekend, my husband and I went to the family cabin to spend time with friends. On the drive there and back, and during relaxing time throughout the day, I got to finish all the pattern repeats of my work in progress. I never did master the pattern and had to rely on my print-out the whole time. I did, however, understand it after several repeats enough to know when I made a mistake before it was too late.

How to Block Your Knitting as a Dog Owner:

Key Concept: Keep it up high out of the dog’s reach!

With my last project, The Katy Cowl, I had a struggle blocking my project with my dog. Every other project I have done, I have been able to just block it on a towel on the floor with pins. Not so much with a puppy who wants to eat everything and will eat sharp pointy pins that will rip through him! Another way I had blocked before was on a guest bed. Again, this option doesn’t work since the dog can jump right up!

Solution: Use your ironing board!

I pulled out my ironing board and it was perfect! Mine wasn’t thick enough on its own, so I used my yoga mat folded in half and a towel to add extra padding. With all those layers, it was plenty thick enough for the pins AND got it off the ground to be away from the puppy!


Before blocking the cowl, the length was approximately 37″ and the width was approximately 11″. The color is true in the picture on the right.


I may be an excessive pinner when blocking. But I think it stretched out the lacework beautifully! It is currently drying overnight and then will just need to be seamed together. This time I DID use a provisional cast-on and I think I will be much happier with the results. I am looking forward to sharing options on provisional cast ons on an upcoming post!

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