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Chevron Button Cowl

Introducing: The Chevron Button Cowl!

This is my first ever pattern I have made, and started off with a rather simple but fun one! It is a simple, chevron seed stitch 4 row 8 stitch pattern repeat with button holes on one end.


  • US size 8 needles
  • Worsted weight yarn (approximately 200 yards)
  • 5 buttons
  • Needle and thread

I used up scrap yarn while experimenting with creating a pattern. I used Red Heart Super Saver Yarn which is something I would never really pick but, hey, it was in my stash as a gift from my husband.


CO 48 stitches, purl the 48 stitches (this will be the wrong side).

4 stitch pattern repeat

4-Stitch Pattern Repeat

  1. *P1, K3, P1, K3* (RS)
  2. *K1, P5, K1, P1* (WS)
  3. *K2, P1, K3, P1, K1* (RS)
  4. *P2, K1, P1, K1, P3* (WS)

Repeat rows 1-4 until the scarf reaches approximately 24 inches from CO row. End on row 2 of the pattern.

Button hole row:

K2, P1, K3, P1, *P2tog, yo, K1, P1, K3, P1* repeat from * 4 more times. P2tog, yo, K1, P1, K3, P1, K1

Work 4 more rows in pattern (that will be row 4, 1, 2, 3) and then bind off purlwise on row 4.

Attach 5 buttons, weave in loose ends, and enjoy!

The chart above shows one pattern repeat followed by the buttonhole row and up to the bind off. 

Free downloadable PDF version of the pattern: Chevron Button Cowl Pattern PDF

Since this is my first ever pattern I have made, I would LOVE comments! Good and bad, I’d like to know what I can improve. Thank you all!



  • Denise

    Your written instructions for row four are incorrect. I’ve been knitting my Cowl as written and it looks funny. Okay, but funny. The math works out alright, as the row does end with a P2, K1, P1, K1, P1. However your chart shows there should be a string of P5 somewhere in there. This would also explain why your picture looks so neat and mine looks a bit disjointed. As I’m a good 10 inches into my project, I’m not going to change anything now. You will want to update your written instructions before anyone starts anew.

    • neneknitsandgiggles

      Ah yes thank you, you are correct. It should have read “P2, K1, P1, K1, P3”. The pdf is correct but darn that typo in the post itself! I’m sorry about the time lost in making it.

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