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DIY Crochet Dog Potty Bells

Congratulations if you found this site because you just got a new puppy! What an exciting moment! House training can be one of the more frustrating parts of puppy ownership. Finding a way for your dog to let you know they need to go out helps immensely!

My husband and I used bell training for our dog, Rocket. Each time we took him out, we had him bump his nose to the bells hanging on the door. Very quickly, Rocket learned that if he wanted to go outside, he needed to ring the bells! I truly believe this trick was the best decision for successful house training. We bought puppy pads and didn’t even need to use it. Dogs are quick learners if we set them up for success!

Sure, you could probably buy training bells but it’ll cost you at least $10. Instead, dip into your yarn stash! The project only takes about 25 yards of yarn, so this is a wonderful stash buster. You can get a package of jingle bells for just a few bucks, and you’ll have enough bells to make several of these! (I have one for home, one for the cabin, and one in a travel bag)

Gauge is not important for the pattern and it is easily adjustable for the height of your dog! My pooch is vertically challenged, so my bells reach about 8 inches from the floor. Just chain on less if your dog doesn’t need the project to be long!

Pattern Materials:

  • Size J (6mm) crochet hook
  • ~25 yards worsted weight yarn
  • Jingle bells
  • Tapestry needle


  • ch= chain
  • sc= single crochet
  • dc= double crochet
  • slst= slip stitch


Step 1: Ch 92, dc in fourth ch from hook, then dc in each ch across
Step 2: Turn work, ch2, dc across
Step 3: (Create loop for the handle) ch10, slst to connect with body
Step 4: ch1, sc across loop
Step 5: sc across one side of body, 5sc across bottom of body, sc across other side of body,    slst to connect with first chain in loop
Step 6: cut yarn and secure
Step 7: Using scrap yarn and tapestry needle, attach jingle bells onto bottom half of the body. You can simple knot the scrap yarn on the backside and trim the edges.


You could easily add multiple colors, like the pictures above! I chained on with a blue (to really stash bust) and did the rest with gray.

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