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Overwatch Player Icon Charts

Today I’ll introduce you to three different charts I created based on Overwatch Player Icons: Winston, Roadhog, and Bastion. After I made the D.Va hat, my husband liked it so much he wanted his own Overwatch hat! He also commissioned me to make two hats for his friends.

I learned a couple lessons along the way while making these hats. For my D.Va hat, I did intarsia “in the round”, meaning I knit back and forth doing fair isle color work. This ended up being really difficult and left a column in the back. For these hats, I decided to just do duplicate stitch over a finished basic hat. I think duplicate stitch is definitely the easier method. You can correct mistakes in the chart as you go, without having to completely start over. I also learned that trimming the color strands as you go is easier than trying to weave it all in at the end.

For my husband’s hat, I created my own pattern to allow for a bigger circumference. I’ll share that pattern soon! For the other two hats, I used the “Basic Knit Hat” by Cynthia Miller with 7 ribbing rows before switching over to stockinette stitches.

My husband’s favorite Overwatch hero is Winston, a scientist gorilla from space! He wears glasses and loves peanut butter (with bananas of course). 

And this is the chart! Not a perfect rendition of the original image but I think when it actually is made, it turns out great!


The first friend’s favorite character is Roadhog. Roadhog is this ruthless criminal living in a radiation-filled wasteland, forcing him to wear a gas mask.


And here is that chart:

This one was my favorite out of the three hats, actually. I think the size of the chart helped smooth out the front of the hat really well.


And last but not least is the Bastion hat. Bastion is an adorable little robot that can turn into a sentry that shoots out tons of damage. But looks so cute while doing it.

My favorite thing about these projects were that they were actually requested by my husband! What are some projects that you have made that someone liked so much they asked you to make one for them? Share in the comments!

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