Welcome to Nene Knits and Giggles!

Thank you for finding me amongst all the other knitting blogs out there! I am excited to share my knitting adventures with you.

About me

My name is Stephanie Dube. I was introduced to knitting by my grandma when I was a little kid. It was a complete failure since gauge meant absolutely nothing to an elementary school girl. I went on a knitting hiatus until my freshmen year of college. My artsy friend tried teaching my friend group how to crochet. I was instantly hooked (pun intended). Eventually I moved onto knitting since I like the way it looks better and now I can’t stop. Knitting was the perfect hobby during college and grad school. It could be fairly mindless but I could see the projects coming to life.

I enjoy finding new patterns and coming up with tips to make them easier to understand. Join me as I try to create gorgeous knits, discover new yarn, and share advice with one another!